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EAEPEeuropean association for evolutionary political economy
Conference 2009, Amsterdam

Tenth European Workshop on Efficiency
and Productivity Analysis
IESEG School of Management
Lille Economics & Management (CNRS)Lille, June 27-30, 2007Efficiency and Productivity Analysis:
Retrospect and Prospect

Il programma del X EWEPA – The programme of X EWEPA






Italian Association for the Study of Comparative Economic Systems

16th National Scientific Conference

21-23 JUNE 2007









7th Annual The Missouri Economic Conference

March 30 – 31, 2007, at the University of Missouri—Columbia.

Hosted by:

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economics Dept. University of Missouri-Columbia
Research Division
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Economics Department
University of Missouri—Columbia





Workshop on “Entrepreneurship, Firm Demography and Industrial Location”

(Vienna, 9-10 November 2006)

Kleiner Sitzungssaal

Austrian Institute of Economic Research, Arsenal Obj. 20, 1030 Vienna


The aim of the Workshop on “Entrepreneurship, Firm Demography and Industrial Location” is to bring together researchers who are interested in entrepreneurship (in a broad sense) and the processes involved in the birth, death, survival and location of firms. PhD students who have started to work on these topics are also welcome.

The Workshop aims to:

bring together a significant number of researchers in this field in a highly focused meeting,
help to select a set of papers for publication in a special issue of Empirica,
encourage international co-operation on studies involving the comparative analysis of several countries, and
stimulate participants to exchange ideas, knowledge and impressions.

The Workshop is organised by the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) in cooperation with the Research Group in Industry and Territory (GRIT) of the Department of Economics at the Rovira i Virgili University. The Workshop will be held at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) in Vienna, where coffee and snacks will be served during the breaks. On Thursday evening will be a joint dinner at a local restaurant. For the people accepted to present a paper, the cost for hotel accomodation (but not travel expenses) will be covered. There are no fees for participants of the Workshop.


Josep-Maria Arauzo (Department of Economics, Rovira i Virgili University).
Miguel Manjon (Department of Economics, Rovira i Virgili University).
Michael Pfaffermayr (Department of Economic Theory, Economic Policy and Economic History, University of Innsbruck)
Peter Huber (Austrian Institute of Economic Research)
Michael Peneder (Austrian Institute of Economic Research).

The Committee is responsible for selecting the papers, choosing discussants and chairing the sessions. WIFO will host the workshop. The editors of the special issue of Empirica (aimed for publication in 2007) will be Josep-Maria Arauzo and Miguel Manjon.


The main topics of the Workshop are firm demography, industrial location and entrepreneurship. In particular, we aim to address the links between firm location, firm demography and geographical space. Of special interest here is the role of entrepreneurship. Besides the necessary theoretical foundation and relevance, the papers must make use of micro-data and according econometric techniques. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Firm entry, growth and exit (survival)
Industrial Location


There will be 3 papers presented at each of the Thursday’s sessions and 4 at each of the Friday’s sessions. Authors will have 20 minutes for presenting the papers and discussants will have 5 minutes to make their comments. There will hopefully still be 5 more minutes for a general discussion among participants.

Thursday, 9th of November

12.00-13.00: Reception and Inscription of participants, Lunch buffet.

13.00-13.15: Welcome adress by Karl Aiginger (Director of WIFO)

13.15-14.00: Invited Talk. “Testing for Persistence of Profits’ Differences Across Firms”, John R. Cable (University of Wales, Aberystwyth) and Dennis C. Mueller (University of Vienna).

14.00-14.15: Coffee break.

14.15-15.45: “Industrial Location and Regional Effects” (Chair: J.M. Arauzo).

“Firms’ Location Choices, State Intervention and Urban Efficiency in the Paris region”, Nicolas Costes (Université Paris 1). Discussant: Björn Frank (Technische Universität Clausthal).
“Location decisions in a changing labour market environment”, Björn Frank (Technische Universität Clausthal). Discussant: Wolfgang Schwarzbauer (Institut für Höhere Studien).
“Traffic accessibility and the effect on firms and population in 99 Austrian regions”, Wolfgang Schwarzbauer (Institut für Höhere Studien) and Wolfgang Polask (Institut für Höhere Studien). Discussant: Josep Maria Arauzo (Rovira i Virgili University).

15.45-16.00: Coffee break.

16.00-17.30: “Adjustment and Growth” (Chair: M. Pfaffemayr).

“The disadvantage of entrants: Did transition eliminate it? The case of the Russian footwear industry (1992-2000)”, Gustavo Rinaldi (Tanaka Business School). Discussant: Michael Peneder (Austrian Institute of Economic Research).
“Do less productive firms catch up with the more productive ones? Evidence from a firm-level panel data”, Rodolfo Stucchi (University Carlos III). Discussant: Juan Mañez (University of Valencia).
“Interrelationships Between Labor and Capital Adjustment Decisions”, Edlira Narazani (University of Turin). Discussant: Miguel Manjon (Rovira i Virgili University).

19.00: Dinner at a local restaurant (TBA).

Friday, 10th of November

9.00-11.00: “Entrepreneurship and Financial Constraints” (Chair: M. Peneder).

“Default Rates in the Loan Market for SMEs: Evidence from Slovakia”, Jarko Fidrmuc (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich), Christa Hainz (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich) and Anton Malesich (Comenius University Bratislava). Discussant: Gustavo Rinaldi (Tanaka Business School).
“The Effect of Motivation on Self-employment Duration in Germany: Necessity versus Opportunity Entrepreneurs”, Jörn Block (Technical University Munich) and Philipp Sandner (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich). Discussant: George Saridakis (University of Warwick).
“Is there a Market for Microlending in Industrializad Countries? The Case of Germany”, Alexander Kritikos (Europa-Universität Viadrina), Christoph Kneiding (GfA) and Claas C. Germelmann (Saarland University). Discussant: Jarko Fidrmuc (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich).
“Firm Growth Under Sample Selection: Conditional β-Convergence in Firm Size?”, Michael Pfaffermayr (University of Innsbruck). Discussant: Rodolfo Stucchi (University Carlos III).

11.00-11.15: Coffee break.

11.15-13.15: “Survival” (Chair: M. Manjon).

“Determinants of Firm Survival in Austria: A Duration Analysis”, Serguei Kaniovski (Austrian Institute of Economic Research) and Michael Peneder (Austrian Institute of Economic Research). Discussant: Philipp Sandner (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich).
“New small firm survival in the UK”, George Saridakis (University of Warwick), Kevin Mole (University of Warwick) and David Storey (University of Warwick). Discussant: Edlira Narazani (University of Turin).
“Does a “survival-by-exporting” effect for SMEs exist?”, Silvio Esteve (University of Valencia), Juan Mañez (University of Valencia) and Juan Sanchis (University of Valencia). Discussant: Michael Pfaffermayr (University of Innsbruck).
“The Shadow of Death: Do Regional Differences Matter for Firm Survival in Upper Bavaria?”, Nikolinka Fertala (University of Mannheim). Discussant: Nicolas Costes (Université Paris 1).

13.15-13.30: Closure and farewell.

13.30-14.30: Lunch

Download programme as PDF


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