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Papers and articles

The disadvantage of the entrants, Empirica, available on line , formerly presented at the Workshop 2006 of WIFO(Austrian Institute of Economic research) on the topic “Entrepreneurship, Firm Demography and Industrial Location”,Vienna, Austria.

“The Development of Capabilities and Routines of a market economy : Footwear in Russia and Ukraine” presented at the “Transition Seminar Series- Spring Term 2004” and Working Paper N.49, 2005, of the Centre for the Study of Economic and Social change in Europe, University College of London.

Does the structure of the workforce predict firms’ exit? A test on Russian footwear companies presented at the “Seventh Missouri Economics Conference” organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the University of Missouri at Columbia, Missouri, (USA).

The Size of the firm in a transitional economy: downsizing and economies of scale Economic Systems

Productivity and downsizing slides presented at presented Tenth European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis, Lille, France.

Redundancie in an industry in transition: who gets fired? Presented at the 16th National Scientific Conference of the Italian Association for the Study of Comparative Economic Systems, UNIVERSITY OF PARMA, 21-23 JUNE 2007

The use of economic tools to develop a consensus on alcohol policies within and between jurisdictions , 2007, Contemporary Drug Problems, 34 (4): 729-751.

The alcohol revenue of the Exchequer pp. 12 -13 in Economic Costs and Benefits, IAS Fact Sheet, Institute of Alcohol Studies , London, 27 February 2007

Results of the year, 2000, Georgian Economic Trends, N.3-4, p.3

Evaluation of the activities in the field of management training in the NIS” (with Chambers,D., Charman, K., Cordet, A.,Dereviagina, L., Grancelli, B. and Tommasoli, A.) – Turin, EU Commisision-Tacis / European Training Foundation. 1997. Official report.


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